Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Just Friends"

I mean, I get it.
But let’s be real.
This whole “lets just be friends” thing is a joke.
Your mouth is saying “hey buddy”
But your eyes are saying “kiss me.”
You cross your arms
So you hold back from taking me in them.
We talk about the weather, and work,
But that’s not what I’m really listening to.
All I hear is the nervous tap of your foot,
And I bet if I were close enough, I could hear your heart racing.
When you take that first look at me when you pick me up,
I can tell you try and catch your breath.
And when I’m doing something silly,
I turn to you and I see you smile at me.
Like I said let’s be real.
You don’t feel that we’re really “just friends”
So we say it because it’s what we “should say.”
But you look a little too deep into my eyes for a little too long,
and pause a little longer than you should when we say goodbye.
But the real reason I know that this is all true?
Because it’s exactly how I feel.
But I’ll never tell you,
Because, we’re “just friends.”


Anonymous said...

"just friends" psssssh doubt it. if you feel that way, he must feel that way. there is no two way street

Anonymous said...

what if we were just friends...how do you say that to someone?