Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Queen of Hearts

Versace's Spring 2009

Nothing is better than...

Being with your best friend to celebrate her birthday. Love you Jenn

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who done it better? C vs. B

"I know you know about that diva named B. While I'm at it, I'm-a tell ya 'bout this diva named C."

I_m_A_Diva_Remix.mp3 - ciara

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A night out with the Secret Keepers

Miss Katie K finally upgraded her crackberry...and now its almost as big as my brick. LOL

Yours Truly

Guaranteed comedy.

Untitled from First and last name on Vimeo.

Now a Diva is a Female Version of a Hustler

Diva - Beyonce
Not only is Beyonce an fierce dancer, but seriously, check the shoe game! This bitch can really do it all in them heels and I love it! ALSO the styling is straight fire. From those sunglasses to the Gareth Pugh clothes, this video could really teach a female how to dance and dress.

Friday, December 26, 2008

They told me

They told me to wait for the person who pursues me,
And I did, I waited long and hard, and he did pursue me just as long, and just as hard.
They told me to wait for the moment that seemed magical,
And I cannot tell you in words just how magical it was.
They told me to wait for the man who brings out the best in me,
And when I met him, I did not know I could be this great.
They told me to wait for the man who would be my best friend,
And although I did not want to admit it, he was, and he was amazing.
They told me to wait for the man who would drop everything for me,
And somehow he found ways to fit me into the busiest of weekends and still spend every waking second with me.
They told me to wait for a man that wanted to show me off to the world,
And I did wait, and he did show me off to the world, and it made me feel like I was the only woman alive.
They told me to wait for a man that would appreciate when I got dressed up.
And every time, with out fail that I got dressed up, he always managed to tell me how beautiful I looked.
Then they told me to wait for the man who would put me in the center of their universe.
And you did…for a little while, and then reality hit, and everything they told me slipped away.

Favorites of the Year

Yours truly got together and tried to think of all of our favorites of 2008. This year was probably one of the most difficult for the two of us, so it was hard to find those silver linings from the year...but these were definitely some of them.
Favorite Word of the Year...

Favorite Sneak of the Year...

Favorite T.V. show of the Year...

Favorite Actor/Actress that re-gained my respect...

Favorite City of the Year...

Favorite Boot of the Year...

Favorite Designer of the Year...

Favorite Comedian of the Year...

Favorite Politician of the Year...

Favorite Comeback of the Year...

Favorite Artist of the Year...

Favorite Tee of the Year...

Favorite Movie of the Year...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is the shit! LMAO

Notice Justin Timberlake at far left

Fujifilm Results

Private Stock-ing

Crepes-a-go-go is the shit! Order the house special

I'm gonna miss you Fresh...a lot

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Katt Williams

Now Daddy can do this all day, problem

Don't spend all your $

Monday, December 22, 2008


There ain't nothing wrong with keepin' it old school

So, a couple months a go, my camera broke because my dog knocked it off the counter. Then during Bay to Breakers, I dropped it and that was the end of that. Since I've moved into my new place my mom brought over a whole bunch of Fujifilm disposable cameras and I've been using them sporadically over the last few months. I love the quality of the pics, but I must admit it's quite embarassing whipping this bad boy out. Pictures will be up from my most recent venture with the camera shortly...

Some more new fav's from the amazing John Legend

Hey Girl (Live) - John Legend feat. Estelle

No Other Love (Featuring Estelle) - John Legend

Everybody Knows - John Legend

Take Me Away - John Legend