Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm obsessed with snakeskin at the moment...I don't know why, and I can't explain it, but I guess I love it. I'm still a bit ashamed of it...but I can't deny a love.

The Ugly Truth

The city girls had a soulmate day and did everything from shopping to eating to laughing hysterically all day-one of the reasons we laughed all day was because of a movie we saw...The Ugly Truth. Personally, I find movies or t.v. shows funny, however I hardly ever laugh out loud. But there was this one scene in this movie, that had me cursing, and crying, and laughing hysterically. In this scene Katherine Heigl's character puts on a pair of vibrating panties to learn how to "please herself." She slips them on before going out, doesn't have time to take them off, and then she gets bamboozled into going to a dinner with all of her bosses, and the remote for the panties gets into the hands of a kid. NOTHING is funnier than watching a woman having an orgasm at a really inappropriate time.

It's even funnier in the movie, because the scene lasts much longer. But I highly recommend this film, besides being hilarious, it's pretty cute.

She's Not Like That Now

"She’s not like that now. She knows better . She knows now that people lie , and promises can be broken as quick as they are made . She understands that she might never be loved , and too quickly good things fly in front of your eyes before you can reach out and grab them . She knows that you can’t change or help time, so every now and then it will just run out. There isn’t a place for everyone in the world, so if you’re standing alone for awhile, that’s why. Not everything in life comes easy , but when you work the hardest, that’s when it’s the best . You can’t always expect people to care, and even when your best friends stab you in the front, don’t think for one minute that they didn’t already aim for your back. They missed for a reason. She has found out too soon, that in the end, you are your own best friend . Everyone will be broken at some point in their life and more often than not , its gonna hurt like hell . But you can’t stop it. You can’t change your fate. Some things are meant to be and all the pain you go through will end up resulting in something huge . You don’t know what it is and when it happens, it will hit you like a ton of bricks. At some point, when you have experienced everything you can, the words ‘Life’ and ‘Risk’ won’t mean anything to you anymore. But don’t try and change that. Stuff like that is meant to happen. Overtime, certain things no longer have an affect on you . And that happens because that’s the way it supposed to be . But you’ll learn all that later in life when little things like a sunrise or a spring rain start to matter. But it might catch you off guard and happen sooner."

J-Billion, "The Beautiful Loser"

Album drops this Tuesday, August 4th

click the image below to hear The Leak
And come join & support Friday August 7th @ Mighty SF.

The Annenberg Diamond

...So who wants to make me a happy woman?

The Christie's Jewels: The New York Sale to be held on October 21 will feature the Annenberg Diamond, a square 32.01-carat, emerald-cut diamond graded D color, flawless, the rarest of the rare. The Annenberg diamond is flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds, of 1.5 carats and 1.61 carats, respectively mounted in a ring by David Webb. It is part of the Leonore Annenberg collection. The ring has an estimated value between $3 million to $5 million. 

Flight Flashback/Flash Forward

Gorgeous Aviators. 

Ralph Lauren '05
French Numero '09

Bazaar July '09


Women's Suiting. 
Although this has been a revolving trend within fashion, F'09/W'10 will push this look hard. 


My Favorite Sweater

James Perse Boiled Cut Away Cashmere Sweater. 
I have it in Charcoal and Black, and I have to admit, this sweater might be one of the top 3 things I can't live without. 

Hu Watch for Issey Miyake

Is it me or Issey me? New, weird watch designs always intrigue me, although I'd never wear them... I appreciate a man who does. 

Eva Mendes for Marie Claire Sept. Issue

I absolutely adore her.


Some DVF Favorites for Fall

New Acne Wedges

Since I have seen their first appearance I have been searching all over the internet to try and find them. So far they haven't gone up on sale yet at the Acne website...and until they do...don't worry I'll wait.

Brooklyn Circus Reversible Bowties

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kate Starr's cheap date with Barney

In addition to the previous post, I wanted to point out a few things about the Barney's Warehouse Sale...

By all means it is a great sale: prices are slashed, designer duds are to be had, and there's even a circulating shuttle that will pick your ass up from the very end of the parking lot! BUT...
do not go there thinking it will be a designer all you can find buffet. There are huge markdowns, but the majority of these mondo sized discounts, are only prevalent on the very most expensive designer shoes, bags, clothes etc. So yes you can get Louboutins for 1/2 off, the $1500 dollar pair that is. As for the $200 dollar Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater? ...You'll find more like 20% off. Not such a biggie huh? All in all it was pure mayhem, no dressing rooms, and the racks are endless....I'm still at odds deciding whether it is really that great of a sale. It was perhaps the most chaotic sale I've ever attended, and the fruits of labor don't seem so abundant. I can see how some may really love this event, and how some may hate it. Our second chance at love with Barney's Warehouse Sale awaits on the horizon, and we shall proceed. 

Our 1st trip to Barney's Warehouse Sale in SF

Well, the city girls made a visit to The Herbst Pavillion @ Fort Mason for the Barney's Warehouse sale. It was the first time this sale has taken place in San Francisco and we were absolutely stoked. However we got there and felt that the prices were still a little too high. We will be going back on the last day, because we heard a rumor from our inside sources that there will be new items put on the floor, and prices will severely drop...
*pardon the shitty quality of the videos, they were taken from my phone.

Every woman should have a pair of badass hosiery in her closet

Jean Paul Gaultier

Raquel Zimmerman plays multi-gender roles for the new Fall 2009 campaign.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Piano Man

White and black.
Just like the colors of my favorite photo.
His fingers glide across them like a child skating on an ice rink.
The sound of his gliding, is equivalent to my heartbeat.
It starts slow, and quickly speeds.
With each note, I gasp for air.
I do not know the song he is playing,
Nor do I wish to know.
But whatever song it is,
I could sing to for eternity.
Before this man sat down, I did not know the depths of his soul,
But now I see him as a man with quintessence.
He plays the song that is me.
He is my melody.
He is my beat…
For he knows what song my heart sings.

Hacksaw Entertainment, Versus Magazine SF, & Fernet Branca present:

Summer Music Showcase:
Pase Rock LIVE (Dim Mak / NYC)
Dam Funk (Stones Throw / LA)
Trackademicks (Fools Gold / Oakland)
DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz / NYC)
J Billion (Huff / SF)
B Bravo (Frite Nite / SF)
DJ Morsy (Nana Chill / NYC)
Special live performance from the Loco Bloco Drummers
Hosted by Kings of 8Bit (Rush One & Mezmetic)

Summer Photography Showcase:
Chris Brennan
Leo Docuyanan
Beryl Fine
Scott La Rockwell
Amanda Lopez
Trevor Traynor

Live Screen Printing by San Franpsycho & What It Is... SFC


Jimmy Choo

Sneak Peek

A first look at the new Chanel Ad's featuring Lily Allen, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. I must say I am not impressed. And when it comes to Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld...I never say that

Gucci Fall 2009

I think I need those shoes ^