Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

Shop for something good! And go shopping September 10th! I'm so stoked to be able participate in Fashion's Night Out this year! Should be a successful evening for many stores! Please go shop & participate!

A little slice of Calvin Klein heaven

These are pretty heavy duty, and a whole lot of badass. They'd cost you a pretty penny, but from the looks of things, they're worth it.

Something different

As I always say, Vogue Italia is my favorite magazine because of their fantastic editorials and original articles. Once again, the magazine has stepped outside the box and did something different for their September issue. They made it 3-D. Cover girl Miranda Kerr and her pup grace the cover, and yes it comes with a pair of 3-D glasses. Take my advice, and go cop yourself a copy.


I know this image has been burning up the blog world, but I just had to say that this man has really got it figured it out. From the shoes, to the accessories, this is one of the sexiest looks I have ever seen a man put together...fellas should be taking notes, because this will for sure drop some jaws.

And I am loooooving that Chanel on you

Diana Dondoe shot for ELLE Romania's September issue. The silhouette's of these pieces are stunning. Black is my favorite color to wear, and will definitely be all over the Fall 2010 collections.


Sorry folks! Been outta commission for longer than expected. Wow, August has been insane. I've been traveling a lot...was in LA, and then Mammoth, and then Utah, all quickly after each other. Katie, is now in Colombia & will return next week, so I'm sure you could imagine we have much to catch up on! We got tons of stuff with work going on, so sorry for any delays! We should be gettin' back to our regularly scheduled programing ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Break Time

Okie dokie...I am taking a much needed vacation...will be gone until Saturday. Talk to ya then. Au revoir peaches.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SF's Weekend Line UP

So tomorrow is Friday the 13th...I suggest you choose wisely...

Kicking off Friday correctly at The Brooklyn Circus on Fillmore St. Champagne & cupcakes from 5-8pm, plus great deals on tee's! What more could you ask for during happy hour?! THEN we got...

Tales from the Hood brought to you by Wild'N'Krazy Kids over at SOM in the mission. They got lumpias and tight beats...should definitely be one for the books...BUT there is another option...

THEM JEANS over at Vessel! BUT don't party too hard, because this Saturday & Sunday...

Outside Lands! There is nothing better in San Francisco, than to enjoy an amazing line up of music, wine, and food in the park! Definitely one of my favorite events of the year...But also, this Sunday...

All my friends and I have shown soooooo much love to Otis we just have to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. And honestly, who can resist a block party?! Whew...that was a lot...and there are tons of other stuff going on this weekend in SF it just depends what you're into! SF is about to get crazy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love the way you Lie

I really love this song, and was extremely impressed with how well the video matched the intensity of the lyrics. Props to Megan Fox for acting this one out quite well. As for the lyrics themselves, I know a lot of people can relate to them, check out the video.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Clickety Clack


Alexander Wang

I may or may not be biased to these two brands, or maybe I just know what I like, but I seem to post about these two a lot. Whatever. Both pairs of shoes are stunning and I'd love to have both on my feet...maybe at the same time...just kidding. But seriously gorgeous shoes.

NEWS OF THE WEEK...and it's only Monday

Coca Cola now has its own clothing line...CLOTHING LINE...COCA COLA MAKES CLOTHES! I think that this is pretty amazing. I peeped these photos from their 2011 ad campaign and I must admit, I was impressed. I mean, it's no high fashion line, but its comfy/casual/I'm gonna get dressed, go to the beach and sip on a diet coke kinda look. I'm into it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Water & Oil

I know I say this all the time, but Vogue Italia really does come with the best spreads. This Water & Oil spread, shot by Steven Meisel is not only beautiful, but also tragic and envelope pushing. We are over 100 days into the oil spill and some people have forgotten about how it has affected the Gulf of Mexico, all of it's life, and beyond. What if the oil spill had involved human life (more so than it already has)...would people pass over it then? All of these questions are glorified in this amazing shoot by Meisel.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Check out our boy's of SOSOSOONs new mix!
1. Renaissance Man – Babbadabba // Made To Play
2. Para One – Toadstool (Jesse Rose Made To Play Edit) // Sound Pellegrino
3. Round Table Knights feat. Reverend Beat Man – Cut To The Top // Made To Play
4. Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik – Just Wont Do 2010 (Mowgli Remix) // Ego Music
5. Tim Green – Old Sunshine // Get Physical
6. Round Table Knights – Belly Dance (Mowgli Remix) // Deadfish
7. Oliver Twizt – Another Step (Disfunktion Remix) // Spinnin’
8. Homework – I Got One (You’re It) // Exploited
9. Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Hugo Remix) // Eklektisch
10. Belocca & Soneec – Bla Bla (Martijn Ten Velden Remix) // Stealth Records
11. Dr Kucho – New School Tribal (Alex Colle Remix) // Netswork
12. Mele – Bombay (French Fries Remix) // Mixpak
13. Girl Unit – IRL (French Fries Remix) // Nightslugs
14. Douster – King of Africa (VIP Mix) // Mental Groove

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Obama turns 49 today.


Shin is a company based out of New York that has created these awesomely draped pieces. Personally, I like a lot of basic neutral colors in my wardrobe (white, black, and a ton of grey) but not necessarily basic pieces. I love Shin because the shapes of the clothing, and the cuts and the lines, are anything but basic and give shape and edge to a basic look.

Drew for ELLE

Yesterday I was reading my ELLE August magazine for the 10th time and somehow skipped over these YSL pumps. I have had a really hard time locating them online, and an even harder time locating my magazine, but I believe they referred to them as the "kid hair pump"? My memory is horrible. But anyways, it's definitely a very interesting shoe. For Fall, we're seeing a lot of fur on shoes, but nothing like a horse hair. It's definitely a pump to watch.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is either really cool or really gross...

So DUFF beer energy drink teamed up with the Simpsons for this special series with Homer & Mo. I'm not really into energy drinks, but since I grew up watching the Simpsons, maybe it would be worth a try? Anyone try it yet?

A Man's Wardrobe?

I don't really think it's safe to say that "womens" clothes are restricted to women, and "mens" clothes are not restricted to men. YSL was able to put women in suits and make it sexy decades a go. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing I own, are mens collared shirts (tailored for a man), Calvin Klein briefs & loose tees, old levi jeans that I made into shorts, and mens dress socks. All I'm saying is I think restrictions are so 1920. Lol. Try something new.

Social Experiment

So out of shear boredom, and for my own entertainment, I have decided to do a series of social experiments. The first one began yesterday, and it was certainly not without reaction.
I remember this one day, where I saw this woman walking around smiling, she looked generally happy, and you couldn't help but smile too.
With that said, I decided to walk around smiling as well, it's not easy to do, so when you do it you have to be thinking of things that make you happy, and *BOOM* just like that, my mood was instantly better. Not only that, but it made a lot of other people smile as well. I think I may continue this for as long as I can. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Biker Chick

These Chanel biker boots are pretty bad ass...these are about to be everywhere, and I'm in love.

Elettra Wiedemann

It was some years a go that Celine Dion wore a white tux to the Grammy's. The look was classified as a fashion tragedy because she flipped the jacket backwards. I didn't think it was that bad. I especially love this look in Harper's Bazaar Russia, the open back is sexy sophisticated and most definitely not a tragedy.


I'm pretty sure this is something like Kate's 30th cover for Vogue UK, but that's not why I posted it. The jacket and the shoes are two incredibly sexy pieces that will be perfect for autumn weather. San Francisco is having a terrible summer, and I'm just ready for heat, or cold.

another again

fingers frozen in a tight grip. wrapped around the seconds that we once spent. trying to find a smile while a frown slips. cant eat, nothing tastes like your lips. attempting to lose all the memories of you that my heart’s kept. don’t understand why life made you come right to leave me left. was walking strong, now i’m struggling for one breath. going to make it slow, wishing my mind a quick death. results were the worst, after all that i gave best. the road’s straight, but my stride’s bent. think of you when i relax, the absence of your face makes my jaw clench. didn’t go as planned, empty palms where my hands extend. got a million new plans, old you turns them into one mess. needing to leave the pieces alone, i hate puzzles that make no sense. should’ve given up hope for my last lent. can’t run away fast enough imagining your arms wrapped around my leg. money can’t buy happiness but i’ve tried to pawn this and offer up my last cent. tempted to walk all the way up to heaven and ask them what this all meant. devil’s cupid warned me about falling for the godsend. kicked me when i was down, undeserved dent. lost my mind when my head reached your chest. if it were that easy to let go, trust that i would’ve went. finding my beginning that starts where you end. just another again. as to why we met. just another. another again.

-Kate Starr