Monday, August 2, 2010

another again

fingers frozen in a tight grip. wrapped around the seconds that we once spent. trying to find a smile while a frown slips. cant eat, nothing tastes like your lips. attempting to lose all the memories of you that my heart’s kept. don’t understand why life made you come right to leave me left. was walking strong, now i’m struggling for one breath. going to make it slow, wishing my mind a quick death. results were the worst, after all that i gave best. the road’s straight, but my stride’s bent. think of you when i relax, the absence of your face makes my jaw clench. didn’t go as planned, empty palms where my hands extend. got a million new plans, old you turns them into one mess. needing to leave the pieces alone, i hate puzzles that make no sense. should’ve given up hope for my last lent. can’t run away fast enough imagining your arms wrapped around my leg. money can’t buy happiness but i’ve tried to pawn this and offer up my last cent. tempted to walk all the way up to heaven and ask them what this all meant. devil’s cupid warned me about falling for the godsend. kicked me when i was down, undeserved dent. lost my mind when my head reached your chest. if it were that easy to let go, trust that i would’ve went. finding my beginning that starts where you end. just another again. as to why we met. just another. another again.

-Kate Starr


MOM said...

Wow-- feels painful and full of pain

nana said...

katie is quite the amazing writer. :)