Saturday, May 30, 2009

this made my morning

Each bottle costs $12 and all proceeds benefit Cancer for College’s College Willpowered Scholarship Fund, which grants college scholarships to cancer survivors and amputees.

Oh my, I think I have heard this one before

THIS evening

my summer steez

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Current Obsessions

The lovely women of Litter SF create amazing jewelry. I bought the piece below online, and went to their Union st location in SF, to pick it up. The girls were so sweet and kind and told me all about their jewelry line, and up and coming projects that they will be working on. Watch out folks, these are the girls to watch.

Once I got there, they customized the below ring for me. It has more chains on it but basically looks like the one below.

Oh Karl, you are so narcissistic, but I love you anyway

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Haha Oh Men

Nice men are ugly.
Handsome men are not nice.
Handsome and nice men are married.
Handsome, nice and unmarried men are useless.
Handsome, nice, unmarried and rich men are not interested in us.
Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us are players.
Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful are homosexuals. Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us, faithful, straight and who would not lose interest in us even if we made the first moves - these men must have some problems!

Be Kind


-When you walk past a random person you don’t know, smile at them and say hello. Every time.

-You know those times you meet someone for the 2nd or 3rd time, but you pretend like you’ve never seen them before in your life? Don’t do that.

-At social gatherings, make sure others around you are enjoying themselves before you focus on what you need to do to have fun. And if you’re a guy — make sure everyone has a drink in their hand.

-If someone does something that upsets you, or does something that you may not like, don’t let it bother you too much. Try to see the good in that person and ignore the bad. There’s good in everyone. I promise.

-Let yourself have fun and enjoy life. If you do that, being kind to others will come naturally.

I <3 Chloë

Chloë Sevigny in Elle June

Merci Karl

One of the legendary designer’s ex-assistants, 37-year-old Arnaud Maillard, wrote a tell-all about his personal experience working for Lagerfeld after he was fired in 2005. Lagerfeld is characterized as extremely fickle and narcissistic by Maillard.
Maillard maintains that he has the utmost respect for the Kaiser, but that he wanted to reveal another side of the famed designer noting that he is “an unbelievable narcissist. He needs an eternity to get ready in the morning. He takes photos of himself at every photo shoot and puts them everywhere. He surrounds himself with a kind of royal court, and nobody disagrees with him. Wherever he goes, there is Pepsi-Cola in a Baccarat crystal glass waiting for him and it gets replaced every 30 minutes. It's like the 18th century.”

The truth is you don't always reap what you sow

Monday, May 25, 2009

Say WHAT?!

one of my favorite artists, Drake, had been denying his supposed relationship with r&b singer, Rihanna...during his performance in toronto, he let a few words slip...listen around 2:25 mark

"I wish I could fuck every girl in the world. Maybe not every girl in the world. Maybe every girl in Toronto. Shout out to Rihanna, I love you baby."

Like I've said before...

...Teen Vogue is very on point with their styling in their magazine. In the newest issue, teenybopper, Selena Gomez, looks as cute as ever in the spread.

I guess she's a "writer" too?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

There are times...

I want to ride you

News Alert!

Sex & The City Movie 2 is scheduled to begin shooting in New York, in September!

Mystery Solved!

K*Starr & I have been trying to figure out who "Irina" was in Ryan Leslie's song. Well folks, the mystery has been solved!

"I've spent the last 2 weekends shooting a crazy photo story for my single "Diamond Girl" starring Russian fashion model Irina Sheik. The concept required that we have some chemistry on set and since I speak very little Russian, I started singing this song and melody to break the ice and lighten up the vibe. By the end of the shoot, the boys on my staff suggested I lay it down, so here it is." -Ryan Leslie

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I take it back

Well I told you to stay tuned on the previous Heidi Klum post, and I guess somehow in the last 20 minutes I figured out how to read German, and found these lovely photos of Klum for German Vogue. All photos shot by Francesco Carrozzini.

Les Echos: Série Limitée

Last month Coco Rocha was featured in Les Echos: Série Limitée wearing Sonia Rykiel, Chanel, and Christian Dior. Designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, played the role of fashion editor, and I must say he did a F-A-B-ulous are a few of my favorite looks.