Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Publish debuts its Spring 2011 Collection, a nod to the relationship between music and fashion. "Wayfaring Strangers" by Jeremy Steig is the first Jazz inspiration to prompt the Publish family's creation of something major as the message behind this season, and those to follow. "We aspire to believe that our clothing, like a string or horn section, is improvised and poetic. Through our art and innovation we hope to tell a story." Publish brings forth a refreshing line that embodies today's coveted romance between streetwear and upper end refinement. ...Perhaps reminiscent of Jeremy Steig's passion for flutes and motorcycles. The endless piecing possibilities Publish presents are insane-- the ultimate ideal. Although Publish enters Spring as the self-admitted stranger, everyone should be familiar, including Miles Davis, by Summertime...

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