Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a bit longer.

I wish that I could go back to that last hour we were together.
I was laying in bed watching you get ready for work.
It was so cold that morning,
And so warm tucked under those sheets.
You were taking a long shower
And my eyes began to close.
They opened again when you got out of the shower,
I tried to persuade you back in bed but you said no.
You began to get dressed,
And I honestly have never seen you so handsome.
You walked over and said I looked like an angel in your sheets
And again I grabbed your arm and tried to pull you back in,
But you said no.
You then kissed me goodbye
And told me you loved me.
I wish that that kiss could have lasted just a bit longer.
That that hour would have lasted a bit longer.
And that most of all, we lasted a bit longer.


Anonymous said...

i love your ability to paint such a vivid picture.

Anonymous said...

sounds perfect. what idiot could say no to you?

Anti said...

That's beautiful. A great way to preserve a moment.

Kate Starr said...

Your poetry patten is changing. this is kate starr rhythm. I like.

nana said...

what can i say...new inspiration